Product Evaluation

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Evaluation of the final product.


The dish

Evaluation of the final product.


  • All artifacts produced in the previous phases
  • The customer


When the development of the system-to-be is complete, you must evaluate the product by using all the artifacts produced in the previous phases. It is very important to involve the customer throughout this process. An easy way to perform the evaluation is to divide the project into smaller parts and evaluate these parts one by one. You need to evaluate all elements that are part of the project (mechanics, electronics, software and documentation) and ask yourself if the customer received the product he wanted or an even better product. Finally, you should make a conclusion.

How in detail

In order to make the product evaluation process easier, it is a good idea to follow a checklist. The most precise checklist is, of course, your own, but here are some ideas:

  • Were the exact requirements fulfilled?
  • Did the customer get the product he wanted or an even better product?
  • Did any unsolvable problems occur which changed the requirements?
  • What about the price? Did the product price correspond to the quotation? More or less expensive?
  • Performance. Remember to keep the design criteria in mind.


When the product has been delivered to the customer, it must be evaluated in order to ensure that the experience from developing the product is maintained.

You should ask yourself: Are the requirements fulfilled? Does the delivered product correspond to the agreed product? If not, it is important to find out why. It is vital that the same mistake(s) is (are) not made again in future projects.

Note what went well and what could have gone better. The result of the product evaluation can help you improve your products in the future!

Remember, if the customer is satisfied, he or she will probably come back.

Finally Project Evaluation concludes the work.