Stakeholder Analysis

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An analysis of the stakeholders in the project.


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Stakeholder Analysis


  • Stakeholder interests


Perform an analysis of the stakeholders in the project. The analysis of the different interested parties can easily be done by following the four steps below:

1. Identify the key stakeholders (Research and Development, Sales, Management, etc.)

2. Describe the characteristics for each stakeholder relevant to the project (technical, saleable functions or gadgets, budget, etc.)

3. Describe the stakeholders' influence in the decision process (recommend, specify, decide, etc.)

4. Put the results into a table like this:


Those in the 'Involve' box are those who in the end may make the final decisions and they are, therefore, the most interesting stakeholders for the project, though the recommending and specifying stakeholders should not be disregarded.


To reflect the customer's values in the new IT system-to-be, it is important to know his values and interest in the system. A stakeholder analysis can give the developer information about the customer's values, interests and decision power.

The developer needs this information especially during the initial stages of the development process. It is important that the developer is able to fully understand the customer and possibly also the customer's customers.


Stakeholder Characteristics Decision power
Managing director Makes the final decision if the project will be effected. Has focus on energy consumption. Recommends projects if total sum of the project > 10,000? Total
VP R&D Decides if the total sum < 10,000? Focuses on easy accessible products Some
R&D system engineer Specifies and recommends projects to VP R&D. Directs contact to sub-contractors. Focuses on precision in regulation. Recommend
Sales representative Has knowledge of the market. Requests new products and facilities, including calculations of prices and sales potential. Focuses on the customer's overall experience with the products None
Final customers (House owners) Requests easily controlled automatic systems. None

Or in a more compressed format.