PostProject Phase

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The dish



  • The realised system - the former system-to-be
  • The customer
  • The developer


The final stages of the project should be carried out with great enthusiasm and at the same level of engagement as shown during the development. This is important in order to conclude the project with a satisfied customer and developer as well a satisfactory product.

Prior to the Final Product Acceptance, arrange a formal meeting with the customer where the product is officially handed over to the customer. Conduct the Final Product Acceptance as the last formal task as described in the Product Acceptance Specification, which is based on the requirements agreed upon with the customer in the Launch Phase.

After the formal Final Product Acceptance, it is time to evaluate the delivered product as well as the entire project. This evaluation is more informal and gives the customer a possibility to declare how satisfied he or she has been cooperating with the developer. It is particularly worth spending some time on possible improvements that can be introduced in a possible next project.

Finally, the developer conducts an internal project evaluation in order to highlight any possible process improvements in the development phase.


Just as important as the developer's first meeting at the customer's site is done in a professional and effective way, so should the exit also be in order to keep the door open for the next project. The customer should leave the developer with a positive experience in mind having received the expected product within the expected timeframe and to the agreed price. Therefore, a formal Final Product Acceptance should be signed by both parties and an informal product and project evaluation should be conducted in order to clear out any misunderstandings and to improve the development process. This will leave the customer with an impression of an even more professional performance in relation to future projects.

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