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EUDP was developed by the HIBAT (now Aarhus University, Herning) team of lecturers at the Electronic Engineering Department (now Electronic Design Engineering, EDE).

The team was comprised of: Henning Nørskov, Karsten Bejder, Per Lysgaard, Jeanette Landgrebe, Bente Jensen, Martin Olesen, Charlotte Kejser Rasmussen, Henning Slavensky and Klaus Kolle (main editor).

Two students have also participated: Anders Formsgaard and Sune Jakobsen.

Later Morten Opprud Jakobsen has also provided knowledge and material to the EUDP method.

Special thanks go to the students in team H2/2010-11 (Dennis Thomsen, Lasse Lykkegaard and Knud Baastrup), who allowed their project to become examples in the EUDP.

Originally, several companies participated: Bang & Olufsen, Excel Data, EDB Gruppen and LIAB. We thank them for the valuable contributions they provided during development.