Project Evaluation

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Evaluation of the project


The dish

Evaluation of the project


  • All documentation
  • The customer


When the development of the product is complete, it is time to evaluate the project. Here you should use all documentation made during the project to evaluate the process. As in the case of the product evaluation, it is also very important to involve the customer throughout the project evaluation.

A good idea is to divide the project process into phases and evaluate each of them separately. Finally, you should make a conclusion.

How in detail

In order to remember all the details for the project evaluation, you should make a checklist. It is important that you make your own checklist, but here are some suggestions:

  • How was the cooperation with the customer? Was it optimal?
  • To what extent was the customer involved in the project? Do you need to change your expectations for customer involvement in future project?
  • Should you take other/more initiatives in relation to the customer?
  • Did you choose the most suitable use of EUDP tools for the project? Which tools were used and which were satisfactory?
  • Did the project price correspond to the quotation?
  • The expenditure of time.
  • Was the project finished on time?
  • Did you deliver on time? If not, you must ask yourself why and what the consequences are. Maybe the project was finished earlier than expected.
  • Did you use new (to you) methods? Was it a success? Would you use the method again?
  • The extent of the project. Did you experience work and time pressure?
  • Did the customer change some of his/her demands in the process and how was it handled? Would you do it again?
  • Did the customer get what he wanted or even more?
  • Did you make use of sub-suppliers? How was the cooperation with these?
  • What do you think needs to be changed in your next project compared to this project?
  • Are you satisfied with the project as a whole?


When the project is finished, it must be evaluated in order to ensure that the experience from developing the product is maintained. You should consider what went wrong and what turned out to be good. Ask yourself: Were the requirements fulfilled? If not, was it due to the process? Did you keep the deadline and did the delivered product correspond to the agreed product? If something went wrong, it is important to find out how to avoid the same mistakes in future projects. If something turned out to be good, do it again!

Remember, if the customer is satisfied, he or she will probably come back. In addition, the developer can use the result of the evaluation to improve future development phases.